Current Students

Leandro Esteves

(Graduate Student at Sao Paulo State University)

Former Students

Dean Klunk - College of New Jersey

(2023 REU/NSF summer student )

Former Students and Post-docs (Before Rice; July 2023)

Evandro Luiz de Lima Camporez

(Master student at UNESP; now a high school teacher in Brazil)

Eduardo Eras

(Undergrad at Unesp, now a phD student at National Institute for Space Research)

Rafael Ribeiro

(former post-doc at UNESP, now an assistant professor at UNESP)

Gustavo Madeira

(Graduate Student at Unesp; now postdoc at IPGP/Paris)

Giovanna Maria de Souza

(undergrad student at UNESP)

Victor Lattari

(Visiting grad student at Rice from 09/2022 to 02/2023; now a temporary professor at Federal Institute/Salto, Brazil)